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Hong Kong Our Home

“To improve air quality in the long run, we will adopt targets in stages giving due regard to the World Health Organization's guidelines.”

Hong Kong Our Home

Developing the Pearl River Delta Region into a Green and Quality Living Area

  • Strengthen co-operation with Guangdong on environmental protection in the areas of emissions reductions, optimisation of fuel mix for power generation, development and wider use of renewable energy, vehicle emissions reductions, enhanced conservation and greening, and scientific research

Enhancing Energy Efficiency in Buildings

  • Legislate for the mandatory compliance of Building Energy Codes to improve energy efficiency

Promoting Energy Conservation

  • Work on the second phase of the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme to further promote energy efficiency and conservation

Geological Park

  • Consider establishing a geological park covering the special rock formations and features along the New Territories East coastline

Beautifying the Harbourfront

  • Set up a task force under the Development Bureau to plan projects to beautify and revitalise harbourfront areas

Improving the Pedestrian Environment

  • Improve the pedestrian environment of business districts, shopping centres and leisure areas with heavy pedestrian flows such as those in Causeway Bay, Mong Kok and Yuen Long town centre

Cultural and Recreational Diversity

  • Boost cultural activities in local communities by encouraging cultural and performing arts groups to stage performances across the territory

Sports Development

  • Launch more effective feeder programmes and encourage the business community to support sports development
Effective Governance and Social Harmony

“To gain public support, the Government needs to deliver. Our decision-making process has to be more transparent and built on wider community consensus. This will help create an inclusive political environment.”

Executive Council

Executive Council

  • Appoint new members to the Executive Council

Relationship between the Executive Authorities and the Legislature

  • Foster multi-level, multi-front communication between the Executive Authorities and the Legislature, and seek the views of LegCo Members as early as possible when formulating policies

Electoral Methods for 2012

  • Consult the public in the first half of 2009 on the methods for electing the Chief Executive and for forming the Legislative Council in 2012

Enhancing the Quality of Public Services

  • Review the implementation of government departments' performance pledges and improve their complaint handling mechanisms to ensure public services move with the times

Public Engagement

  • All politically appointed officials to reach out to the community more proactively and to visit districts for public engagement

National Education

  • Offer more opportunities for students and young people to join Mainland study trips and exchange programmes to see for themselves the rapid development of our country



“We will address squarely the challenges ahead with effective crisis management and improvements to our systems. At the same time, we will seize new opportunities and turn crises into opportunities. Hong Kong people are known for our resilience in the face of adversity. All these years, we have worked miracles in times of difficulty, making continuous improvements and progress.

I have full confidence in Hong Kong people. Our people should have confidence in themselves, too. Sharing a common vision, we can rise above all challenges and emerge stronger.”

Last revision date: October 15, 2008