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Livelihood issues are now the community's principal concerns, with housing, the wealth gap and elderly welfare drawing the greatest attention. The Government has long been making efforts to deal with these issues. This Policy Address outlines the results achieved and proposes initiatives for the next stage of work.



Giving Priority to Livelihood Issues Land and Housing Supply

  • Create a land reserve to ensure that there will not be any shortage in housing land supply, including land designated for small and medium units to stabilise flat prices
  • Estimate that a total of 61 000 first-hand private residential units will come on the market in the next three to four years
  • In the next 10 years on average land needs to be made available annually for some 20 000 private residential flats
  • The "Steering Committee on Housing Land Supply" chaired by the Financial Secretary will guarantee a stable and adequate supply of housing land

Public Housing

  • Public Housing
    Ensure an adequate supply of land to produce about 15 000 flats each year, thus maintaining an average waiting time of three years for PRH

My Home Purchase Plan

  • Provide some 5 000 small and medium flats in collaboration with the Hong Kong Housing Society to assist first-time home buyers from the sandwich class
  • Lease the flats under the Plan to eligible applicants at prevailing market rent for a tenancy period of up to five years, within which the rent will not be adjusted
  • Within a specified time frame, tenants of the Plan may purchase a flat under the Plan at prevailing market price or in the private market and receive a subsidy equivalent to half of the net rental they have paid during the tenancy period, and use it for part of the down payment

Private Residential Market

  • Provision of more small and medium flats by the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) and the MTR Corporation Limited
  • Control the "inflated building" problem and do away with or lower floor area concessions for certain features
  • Set up a steering committee to discuss specific issues on regulating the sale of first-hand flats by legislation
  • Revise the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme to temporarily remove real estate from the investment asset classes under the scheme

Urban Regeneration

  • The new urban renewal strategy is based on the core values of people orientation, public engagement and respect for local characteristics
  • Set up District Urban Renewal Forums, with the first pilot forum in Kowloon City
  • The URA will earmark $500 million to set up an Urban Renewal Trust Fund to support studies and activities to be conducted by the forums, fund the appointment and operation of social service teams, and subsidise preservation or revitalisation projects
  • Reserve sites at the Kai Tak Development Area for the "flat for flat" scheme to be introduced as another option for owner-occupiers of residential properties affected by urban renewal projects

Building Safety

  • Introduce legislation to tackle the problems of building dilapidation and unauthorised building works (UBWs), including "sub-divided units", and step up enforcement action against UBWs

Building Management

  • Establish a task group to strengthen support for owners of properties in old buildings
  • Consider amending the law to ensure that buildings will not become a threat to the safety of occupants or other members of the public and to effectively require the owners or owners' corporations concerned to hire property management companies if necessary
  • Consult the public on a statutory licensing regime for the property management industry

Textbook Assistance for Students in Need

  • Increase significantly the flat-rate grant under the School Textbook Assistance Scheme to $1,000 per year for full-grant students, and to $500 per year for half-grant students, with effect from the next school year
  • Streamline the approval procedures so that the grants can be disbursed to most applicants before the new school term begins

Work Incentive Transport Subsidy Scheme

  • Help all eligible employees in Hong Kong meet part of their travelling expenses. The monthly allowance will be $600 a person

Community Care Fund

  • Set up a $10 billion Community Care Fund, to which the Government and the business sector will each contribute 50% to support people in need

Enhancing Employment Services

  • Strengthen employment services for young and middle-aged people and those with disabilities with the implementation of the statutory minimum wage

Labour Rights

  • Expand the scope of the Protection of Wages on Insolvency Fund to cover pay for untaken annual leave and statutory holidays
  • Embark on a policy study on standard working hours

New Arrivals and Ethnic Minorities

  • Step up and co-ordinate services to help new arrivals and ethnic minorities

Elderly Welfare

  • Elderly Welfare
    Launch a pilot scheme on home care services for elderly people on the waiting list for nursing home places
  • Extend the coverage of the Integrated Discharge Support Programme for Elderly Patients to all districts
  • Provide additional places in residential care homes by building new homes and making full use of the space in existing homes, and increase the supply of higher-quality places under the Enhanced Bought Place Scheme
  • Relax the limit of absence from Hong Kong for the Old Age Allowance to 305 days a year, thus enabling elderly recipients to receive a full-year allowance as long as they have resided in Hong Kong for 60 days a year. The new arrangement will also apply to the Disability Allowance
  • The Steering Committee on Population Policy will examine ways to facilitate and support elderly people who choose to retire in the Mainland
  • Examine the proposal of introducing a maintenance allowance for senior citizens who have retired

Healthcare Services

  • Reduce the waiting time for specialist services; add more new and effective drugs to the Drug Formulary
  • Establish a paediatric medical centre with more than 400 beds
  • Build a new hospital in Tin Shui Wai
  • Redevelop four blocks at Yan Chai Hospital to enhance the services
  • Step up the training and supply of healthcare personnel to meet future needs
  • Strengthen the regulatory regime of Chinese and Western medicines

Caring for the Underprivileged

  • Provide more services to enhance support for autistic children
  • Expand various services for patients with mental illness; use more new psychiatric drugs with proven effectiveness and fewer side effects
  • Extend the coverage of the Neighbourhood Support Child Care Project and the Comprehensive Child Development Service to all 18 districts

Promoting Economic Development The National 12th Five-Year Plan

  • Work with Guangdong Province to seek to incorporate the most important functions and roles of Hong Kong-Guangdong co-operation into the National 12th Five-Year Plan

Regional Co-operation

  • Encourage the trades in Hong Kong to seize the opportunities arising from the development of Qianhai
  • Continue to promote multi-faceted and multi-level exchanges with Taiwan

Financial Services

  • Increase contribution of Hong Kong in promoting the modernisation of the Mainland's financial system, particularly the internationalisation of the Renminbi and the increased convertibility of the Mainland's capital account
  • Enhance investor protection by taking forward proposals such as establishing an investor education council and a financial dispute resolution scheme, and introducing statutory requirements to disclose price sensitive information


  • Tourism
    Review the operation and regulatory framework of the entire tourism sector


  • Make available long-term sites for the logistics sector to develop a logistics cluster
  • Provide additional aircraft stands and apron facilities and a new passenger concourse at the Hong Kong International Airport, and increase the airport's cargo handling capacity by 50%
  • Strengthen the training of human resources and promote quality and comprehensive maritime services both locally and abroad, and consolidate Hong Kong's position as an international maritime centre

Professional Services

  • Promote access of local professional services to the Mainland market through CEPA

Support for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • The Hong Kong Mortgage Corporation Limited is exploring the establishment of a market-oriented loan guarantee scheme to provide a sustainable platform for obtaining credit
  • Inject an additional $1 billion into the SME Export Marketing Fund and the SME Development Fund

Quality Life Environmental Protection

  • Implement energy measures to reduce carbon intensity by 50-60% by 2020, compared with the 2005 level
  • Impose additional requirements in new franchises for the bus companies to switch to zero emission buses or the most environmental-friendly buses when replacing existing ones
  • Fund the full cost of procuring six hybrid buses for use by the franchised bus companies to test their environmental protection performance
  • Fully fund the retrofit of Euro II and Euro III franchised buses with catalytic reduction devices to reduce nitrogen oxide emission
  • Designate low emission zones in busy districts such as Causeway Bay, Central and Mong Kok, and increase as far as possible the ratio of low-emission franchised buses running in these zones from next year, with the target of having only low-emission buses in these zones by 2015
  • Earmark $500 million for injection into the Environment and Conservation Fund as necessary
  • Ban trawling in Hong Kong waters through legislation

Culture and Recreation

  • Culture and Recreation
    Display in open spaces and government offices buildings visual art pieces created by budding artists, students or teams
  • Provide drop-in boxes at major MTR interchange stations to make it more convenient for people to return books and other library items
  • Promote the development of football at both the professional and amateur levels
  • Make available more venues which allow dog lovers to bring in their dogs and identify suitable sites for new pet parks

Social Stability Investment in Education

  • Set up a fund with a total commitment of $2.5 billion for the development of self-financing post-secondary education to support institutions to enhance the quality of teaching and learning, and offer scholarships to students
  • Increase publicly-funded first-year-first-degree places to 15 000 for each cohort from the 2012-13 academic year
  • Progressively double senior year intake places to 4 000 each year to provide more articulation opportunities for sub-degree graduates

Youth Development

  • Extend the 3 000 temporary work opportunities created for young people to March 2012
  • Form a "Service Corps" to provide financial support for young people to serve as volunteers in the Mainland; the Auxiliary Medical Service will set up its cadet corps
  • Introduce pilot projects to reach out through the Internet to at-risk or hidden youths for timely support services
  • Step up school social work services in all secondary schools by a 20% increase in manpower to strengthen anti-drug efforts

Protection of Personal Data

  • Put forward legislative proposals to enhance personal data protection

Legal Aid Service

  • Substantially increase the financial eligibility limits of the Ordinary Legal Aid Scheme and the Supplementary Legal Aid Scheme (SLAS), and earmark $100 million for injection into the SLAS Fund when necessary

Democratic Development Constitutional Development

  • Put forward proposals on local legislation on the electoral methods for selecting the Chief Executive and for forming the Legislative Council in 2012
  • Make greater use of new media to enhance interaction with the public

National Education

  • Organise more exchange programmes, study tours and volunteer activities
  • Subsidise every primary and secondary school student to join at least one Mainland exchange programme
  • Develop an independent subject at primary and secondary levels on "moral and national education"

Legislating under Article 23 of the Basic Law (BL23)

  • Not to legislate under BL23 during the current term of the HKSAR Government


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