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  Staunch Support of the Central Government

12. Another important factor is the staunch support of the Central Government. During Hong Kong's difficult times, the Central Government responded positively to the many suggestions put forward by the Special Administrative Region Government. These included signing the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA), allowing more Mainlanders to visit Hong Kong under the Individual Visit Scheme, streamlining the procedures for Mainland enterprises to set up business in Hong Kong, establishing a new co-operation mechanism under the Hong Kong - Guangdong Co-operation Joint Conference, giving approval for local banks to conduct personal renminbi business, importing Mainland talent and implementing 24-hour boundary crossing clearance. The increasing pace of modernisation in the Mainland, the size of its economy and increasing market opportunities provide strong impetus to Hong Kong's economic growth.

2005| Important notices
Last revision date : January 12, 2005