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  Helping the Poor and Needy

34. Several Members as well as the community at large have expressed deep concern about the problem of poverty. As a result of globalisation, some types of jobs have relocated elsewhere. Unemployment has persistently remained at a high level. For some low-income families, their circumstances have worsened over the past few years. They require the community's care and assistance.

35. Our policy vision is to first promote economic growth and create employment opportunities. Then, through education and training, we seek to provide individuals with the opportunity to give full play to their potential, enhance themselves and free themselves from poverty. The Government also allocates resources for public housing, health care, education and welfare (including the Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) Scheme) to weave a reliable social safety net to provide basic protection for those in need. However, due to ongoing rapid economic restructuring and new circumstances, we will take steps to provide more direct assistance and support for those in need.

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