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  Family Counselling

40. We are deeply concerned about incidents of domestic violence. I must stress that we absolutely do not tolerate such acts. The Government will provide additional resources to strengthen relevant services and staff training. We will also set up district liaison groups to enable full inter-departmental co-ordination and work with non-government organisations to tackle family crises and problems.

Services for the Elderly

41. On services for the elderly, we will deploy $180 million to gradually convert some residential care places into long-term care places to provide continuum of care up to nursing level for the frail elderly. The conversion programme is estimated to provide over 3 000 long-term care places eventually. At the same time, we will progressively provide infirmary care places in a non-hospital setting for frail elderly people in stable conditions. We understand the demand of elderly people for Chinese medicine services. The Hospital Authority will progressively increase the number of Chinese medicine clinics. The initial step will be to increase the present three to no fewer than six. We will continue to promote these services later.

42. To enable more elderly people with special needs to choose to retire in the Mainland, we have, after discussions with relevant Mainland authorities, decided to relax the eligibility criteria for the Portable Comprehensive Social Security Assistance Scheme. The relaxation will allow those who have received CSSA for no less than one year to join the Scheme (the present requirement is no less than three years). It will also extend the Scheme's coverage to include Guangdong and Fujian Provinces. As for the permitted period of absence from Hong Kong under the Social Security Allowance Scheme (including Old Age Allowance and Disability Allowance), we have decided to extend it from the current 180 days to 240 days.

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