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Policy Address

54.         In the 1970s and 1980s, hillside squatter huts and rooftop structures posed health and natural hazards. Today, cage homes, cubicle apartments and sub-divided units also pose serious fire and health risks. In the old days, our housing problem was out there to be seen. Nowadays, it is hidden indoors but no less serious.

55.         In the past, to address our housing problem, we developed land extensively, built many new towns, and launched large-scale public housing projects. We are proud of this success story. Yet today we see undergraduates applying for public rental housing (PRH), and the number of Waiting List applications has exceeded 200 000. Do we have the same resolve to confront today's housing problem?

56.         The top priority of the current-term Government is to tackle the housing problem. We recognise that problems stemming from property prices and rental, cage homes, cubicle apartments and sub-divided units cannot be solved overnight. But we must acknowledge these problems, understand the gravity of the situation, and take the first step forward to resolve them. The Government will engage a research institution to assess the situation and to estimate the number of sub-divided units in Hong Kong. We recognise that to overcome the housing problem, the Government and I will encounter difficulties, obstacles, and resistance. We need your support, unity, and the determination in making viable choices.


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