2015 Policy Address, Uphold the Rule of Law, Seize the Opportunities, Make the Right Choices, Pursue Democracy, Boost the Economy, Improve People's Livelihood
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Policy Address

Waste Management

166.     The Government is taking forward a number of initiatives to achieve the target of reducing our per capita municipal solid waste disposal rate by 40% in a decade as set out in "Hong Kong: Blueprint for Sustainable Use of Resources". 

167.     As to waste reduction at source, the Environment Bureau is examining how specific arrangements for the quantity-based charging for municipal solid waste should be finalised in light of the recommendations by the Council for Sustainable Development and experience from the pilot scheme.  It will report on the proposed framework this year.

168.     To realise the polluter-pays principle, the Government is reviewing the charge level for construction waste disposal and will report on the review findings this year.

169.     The Government will introduce a Recycling Fund to upgrade the operational capabilities of the recycling industry, increase the quantity of the recyclables recovered, raise the quality of treated materials and establish a stable outlet for recycled materials, thus promoting the sustainable development of the industry.  The Steering Committee to Promote the Sustainable Development of the Recycling Industry will continue to explore and formulate complementary measures such as manpower training, research and development of technology and products, and operational parameters.

170.     We will introduce legislative proposals later this year to implement the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment.  Furthermore, we are expanding the glass bottle recycling network to prepare for the implementation of the Producer Responsibility Scheme on Glass Beverage Bottles. 

171.     In addition to using such media as mobile phone applications and webpages to provide the locations of some 7 000 recycling collection points and information about waste reduction, the Government will form a working group on a "clean recycling" campaign this year with representatives from the industry to promote source separation and cleaning of waste at the community level.  By doing so, the recycling value and recovery rate of recyclables will be increased.

172.     To set an example, the Government engaged in green procurement worth more than $1 billion in 2013.  We will expand the current procurement list, update the specifications and verification methods, and explore wider use of recycled and other environment-friendly materials in public works projects.  We will also promote green procurement to both the public and business sectors.



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