2015 Policy Address, Uphold the Rule of Law, Seize the Opportunities, Make the Right Choices, Pursue Democracy, Boost the Economy, Improve People's Livelihood
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Policy Address

IV. Housing, Land and Transport


61.       Housing is the most critical of all livelihood issues in Hong Kong.  The current-term Government is not only determined to avert the supply-demand imbalance progressively, but is also confident and capable of achieving this.  The Long Term Housing Strategy released last month sets out the direction of Hong Kong's housing policy with a view to addressing housing problems with a multi-pronged approach.

Public Rental Housing

62.       After taking office, the current-term Government has been vigorously speeding up the development of public housing, and public rental housing (PRH) production has seen continuous increase.  It is estimated that during the five years from 2014-15 to 2018-19, a total of 77 100 PRH units will be completed, among which 23 300 units are scheduled for completion in 2015-16.  In the Long Term Housing Strategy, we have maintained our PRH production target of about 20 000 units each year for the next decade.  To achieve this target, I have requested the relevant departments to keep co-ordinating the priorities, make proper planning and provide suitable community facilities so as to increase supply.  However, of crucial importance is the support of local communities and other people.

63.       Meanwhile, the safety risks concerning subdivided flats, especially those in industrial buildings, should not be overlooked.  The Buildings Department (BD) will continue its efforts to totally ban the subdivided flats used for domestic purposes in industrial buildings.  It will step up prosecution against owners who fail to comply with relevant orders.  As to the subdivided flats in domestic and composite buildings, the BD will continue to take more vigorous enforcement actions against irregularities involving building and fire safety.  Should any occupants be rendered homeless as a result of these actions, the Government will provide them with transitional accommodation in accordance with the current mechanism.



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