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152. The Government will continue to develop a passenger transport system centred on public transport with railway as the backbone. We will take forward detailed planning work for the Northern Link (and Kwu Tung Station), the Tuen Mun South Extension and the East Kowloon Line as the first batch, pursuant to the indicative implementation window recommended in the Railway Development Strategy 2014. We will then commence the detailed planning work progressively for the other projects.

153. The Government is conducting a review with the MTRCL on the Fare Adjustment Mechanism to see how its operation can better respond to, among others, public concern about fares, the MTRCL’s profitability and the public’s affordability, while respecting the financial prudence required of the MTRCL as a listed company, on the premise that a transparent mechanism based on open and objective data and a direct-drive formula will be retained. The review is expected to be completed in the first half of this year, after which the fares will be adjusted according to the new mechanism.



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