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Other Public Transport Services

Public Transport Strategy Study

154. The Government will release a report in the middle of this year on the Public Transport Strategy Study which examines the positioning of public transport services other than railway. The aim is to enhance the existing strategic arrangements of our public transport services in tandem with the further development of the heavy rail network to ensure the long-term, balanced, efficient, multi-model and sustainable development of public transport services. We have completed the priority study on public light bus service and recommended increasing the maximum seating capacity of public light buses. We will also explore ways to enhance personalised and point-to-point transport services to meet the needs of different passenger groups. Moreover, the Government has completed all the eight specified Topical Studies over the past two years. These include the service level of franchised bus, school bus service, seating capacity of public light buses, supply of taxis, taxi fuel surcharge, statutory cap on the number of public light buses, review of ferry service, and accessible public transport services for people with disabilities.



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