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Policy Address

Alleviating Road Traffic Congestion

163. Road traffic congestion is getting worse and affecting our economy, our environment and the public’s quality of life. To tackle road traffic congestion, we have adopted a multi-pronged approach, and are taking forward progressively the short, medium and long-term measures recommended by the Transport Advisory Committee earlier. Those recommendations include carrying out an in-depth feasibility study on an Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central and its adjacent areas, commencing a parking space policy review to accord priority to meeting the parking needs of commercial vehicles, exploring measures to control vehicle growth, and conducting a study on the overall strategy for the rationalisation of traffic distribution among the three road harbour crossings to formulate toll adjustment options for timely discussion in the LegCo. To combat illegal parking, apart from the Police’s continued effort to strengthen enforcement actions against congestion-related traffic offences, we plan to introduce into the LegCo, during the first quarter of this year, legislative amendments to raise the fixed penalty charges for congestion-related traffic offences.



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