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Policy Address

Support for the Disadvantaged

Persons with Disabilities

178. The Government will bolster support for persons with disabilities. Measures include continuing to provide additional places of various rehabilitation services and strengthening outreach services to enhance support for ageing persons with disabilities in the community, stepping up support for exmentally ill persons through integrated community centres for mental wellness, injecting additional funding of $100 million for the Enhancing Employment of People with Disabilities through Small Enterprises Project for directly creating more employment opportunities for persons with disabilities, and inviting the CCF to consider implementing a pilot scheme to provide a special subsidy for persons with permanent stoma from low-income families to purchase medical consumables.

179. After the Elderly Commission completes the formulation of the Elderly Services Programme Plan, the Government will start formulating a new Hong Kong Rehabilitation Programme Plan by making reference to the relevant experience, to ensure that rehabilitation services will keep abreast with the times.



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