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200. Subject to approval by the LegCo, the Statutory Minimum Wage (SMW) rate will be increased with effect from 1 May this year. This is the third time for the current-term Government to increase the SMW rate, which will benefit tens of thousands of low-income employees.

201. The Standard Working Hours Committee will submit its report to the Government by the end of this month before its term expires. The Government will take full account of the report of the Committee and the views of various sectors of the community, and strive to map out within the term of the current Government the working hours policy direction that suits Hong Kong’s socio-economic situation.

202. Currently, there are over 350 000 foreign domestic helpers in Hong Kong, assisting over 280 000 households with housework and taking care of the elderly and children in their families. The Labour Department plans to introduce an amendment bill in the second quarter of this year to provide the legal basis for the newly promulgated Code of Practice for Employment Agencies, and to impose heavier penalties on employment agencies overcharging job seekers or operating without a licence so as to achieve a stronger deterrent effect.



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