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Primary and Secondary Education

206. Last November, the Committee on Prevention of Student Suicides submitted its final report and put forward recommendations on preventing student suicides and improving the mental health of students. The Government has launched the Student Mental Health Support Scheme on a pilot basis in the current school year to enhance communication and collaboration among healthcare, education and social welfare professionals. Multi-disciplinary professional teams comprising psychiatrists, educational psychologists, school social workers, psychiatric nurses, clinical psychologists and occupational therapists are assisting schools in supporting students with mental health needs. In addition, the Learning Support Grant for public sector ordinary primary and secondary schools will cover students with mental illness starting from the next school year.

207. The Government will introduce a paid non-local study leave scheme on a pilot basis for serving secondary school teachers to broaden their perspectives and enrich their experience by allowing them to take part in specific courses or on-site experiential learning attachment programmes for about one to three months. The 3-year scheme is expected to benefit some 150 teachers.



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