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210. Last October, the Education Bureau (EDB) commenced consultation on revising the curriculum of the junior secondary Chinese History subject, recommending that Chinese history education be fine-tuned by attaching equal weight to the ancient and modern times, with both political and cultural dimensions incorporated into the curriculum, so that our students may have a comprehensive understanding of Chinese history. To promote Chinese history and traditional Chinese culture, the EDB will strengthen teachers’ professional development and provide a one-off grant of about $125 million to support teaching efforts in this respect.

211. The EDB will strengthen Basic Law education and further promote the Basic Law through continuously developing learning and teaching materials, organising relevant learning activities, providing teacher training and conducting exchange programmes with Mainland students and teachers.

212. The EDB strives to promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education. Following the provision of additional resources for primary schools at the beginning of last year, the EDB is prepared to provide each public sector secondary school with an additional one-off subsidy of $200,000 to facilitate the implementation of school-based programmes related to STEM education.



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