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XII. Healthcare

Healthcare System

231. To meet the challenge of an ageing population and the public’s rising expectations, we must plan ahead for our healthcare services. The Government will continue to take forward the dual-track system of public and private healthcare sectors, and provide sufficient resources and enhance the supporting infrastructure so our public healthcare services can continue to provide a safety net for the public, while their counterparts in the private sector can offer more choices for those who can afford them.

Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development

232. The first territory-wide Strategic Review of Healthcare Manpower Planning and Professional Development will be completed early this year. The review aims to make recommendations on ensuring a stable supply of healthcare professionals in the long run and charting the course of development with regard to the standards and regulation of the healthcare professions.

233. The Government has increased the number of medical student places in local universities three times since 2009, and will consider further increases having regard to the supply of and demand for doctors. Looking ahead, the growth in healthcare services will be able to absorb new medical graduates. The Government will adjust the provision of baseline funding for the HA, taking into account population growth and other factors, to meet its financial needs for service expansion. We will continue to engage, on a need basis, non-locally trained doctors under limited registration to serve in the public healthcare sector.



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