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Policy Address

Improving the Operation of the Medical Council of Hong Kong

234. The restrictions imposed by current legislation on the handling of complaints by the Medical Council of Hong Kong (MCHK) have resulted in mounting backlog of cases and protracted complaint handling process. The Government will seek to re-introduce a Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill as early as possible into the LegCo in the first half of this year to address the concerns of the public by improving the MCHK’s complaint handling mechanism, increasing lay participation and extending the validity period of limited registration of nonlocally trained doctors from one year to three years.

Development of Public and Private Hospitals

235. We have commenced a number of projects under the 10-year Hospital Development Plan, for which a sum of $200 billion was earmarked last year. As regards private healthcare services, a new private hospital will be commissioned early this year and the construction of the Chinese University of Hong Kong Medical Centre has started. The Government will continue to facilitate the further development of private hospitals.



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