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People-oriented Healthcare Services

239. In 2017-18, the Government will provide an additional $2 billion to the HA in total recurrent expenditure. The additional provision will enable the HA to meet service demand by increasing the number of public hospital beds and operating theatre sessions; enhancing the provision of emergency surgical services; and increasing the quotas for endoscopy examination, diagnostic radiological service, general out-patient and specialist out-patient consultation.

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

240. The Government will continue to promote a healthy lifestyle through measures including promoting and supporting breastfeeding, as well as implementing the “Hong Kong Code of Marketing of Formula Milk and Related Products, and Food Products for Infants & Young Children” to prevent inappropriate marketing practices.

241. To safeguard public health, the Government will launch a pilot public-private partnership programme to test a new mode of smoking cessation service supported by family physicians, actively study the proposal to regulate electronic cigarettes through legislation, and step up patrol and enforcement actions in statutory no smoking areas.



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