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Policy Address

Food Safety

253. Safeguarding food safety has always been a priority of the Government. Globalisation and trade liberalisation help diversify our food sources. However, this also poses challenges to food safety control. To strengthen the gate-keeping function of our food safety system, the Centre for Food Safety will continue to improve existing food import control and food surveillance efforts through such measures as increasing manpower and enhancing information technology management systems.

Safety of Drinking Water

254. The Government is actively following up the recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry into Excess Lead Found in Drinking Water. We will formulate a holistic plan to safeguard drinking water quality and put forward proposals on introducing legislation on drinking water safety. We will propose amendments to the Waterworks Ordinance and its Regulations, involving a review of the roles and responsibilities of all persons engaged in the design and construction of the inside service, and the systems for their registration. We will also step up efforts to monitor the materials used in the inside service and, by drawing on overseas experience, implement a water safety plan applicable to Hong Kong.



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