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XIII. Municipal Services, District Administration and Governance

Municipal Services

Public Markets

255. The Government will build sizable public markets in NDAs and has initially identified suitable sites in the Tung Chung New Town Extension Area and Hung Shui Kiu NDA. The Government will continue to identify suitable sites in other NDAs. In addition, we will continue to enhance the hardware of a number of existing public markets, including reprovisioning, reconfiguration and upgrading of facilities, etc. We will also take forward progressively the installation of air-conditioning in public markets which have obtained overwhelming support from tenants (totalling 10 markets at present). We will endeavour to deliver hardware and management enhancement in parallel with a view to revitalising and modernising the operation and management of markets, so as to ensure that the enhancement measures are sustainable.

Environmental Hygiene

256. Through the 2015 Keep Clean Campaign and the subsequent regular meeting mechanism between the Secretary for Food and Health and the Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen of the relevant Committees on Environmental Hygiene under the District Councils (DCs), our work on environmental hygiene has borne fruit. The Government will allocate an additional $119 million a year to enhance environmental hygiene and strengthen the related enforcement and prosecution work.

Funeral Services

257. The Government re-introduced the Private Columbaria Bill to the LegCo last November. The columbarium development projects supported by the DCs in the past few years will provide a total of about 589 000 new niches, about two-thirds of the overall planned number of new niches. We will consult the DCs on the remaining nine projects. To meet long-term demand, the Government will promote green burials.



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