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Policy Address

District Administration

District Councils

258. The 18 districts are pressing ahead with the District-led Actions Scheme which helps address long-standing problems and capitalise on opportunities in the districts. A total of 39 projects are being rolled out in the 18 districts this year. Furthermore, from the next financial year, we will provide an additional $100 million to the Community Involvement Programme, bringing its annual funding to some $461 million, so as to enable the 18 DCs to further enhance the implementation or sponsorship of community involvement projects.

259. Funding approval has been given to most of the projects proposed by the 18 DCs under the Signature Project Scheme. The Government will follow up with the DCs.

Building Management

260. The Government will launch Phase 3 of the Building Management Professional Advisory Service Scheme to enhance support for owners of old buildings, and assist owners of “three nil” buildings in forming owners’ corporations (OCs), and support OCs in discharging their responsibilities.



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