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Law and Order

Non-refoulement Claims

261. Last year, I proposed a comprehensive review of the strategy for handling non-refoulement claims. The revised strategy is delivering results. Compared with 2015, the number of non-ethnic Chinese illegal immigrants in 2016 dropped by 40%, while the number of non-refoulement claimants dropped by nearly a quarter. The Immigration Department will expedite the screening of claims. The Security Bureau is exploring amendments to the Immigration Ordinance to improve the screening procedures.

Strengthening the Legislation on Anti-terrorism and Emergency Response Measures

262. In recent years, terrorist activities have gone rampant around the globe. We must be vigilant and stay alert. The Government will work with the international community to further improve our anti-terrorism regime, and enhance our emergency training efforts and handling capability. We will amend the legislation to further reduce the risks of money laundering and terrorist financing.



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