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Rule of Law and Judicial Independence

268. The rule of law is the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success and has for many years earned us international acclaim. We must work together to preserve it. Judicial independence is the foundation of the rule of law and fully protected by the Basic Law. The Government has full respect for judicial independence and will spare no efforts in maintaining the rule of law in Hong Kong.

Maintaining a Clean Society

269. A clean society is a core value of Hong Kong and one of the key elements in ensuring Hong Kong’s competitiveness. Our anti-corruption mechanism is fair, vigorous and effective. The Independent Commission Against Corruption has been enforcing the laws impartially regardless of the background, identity or status of the accused. The Government is committed to combating corruption and joins hands with all sectors of the community to keep our public and private sectors clean.

Enhancing the Voter Registration System

270. The Government published the Consultation Report on Enhancement of Voter Registration System early last year, proposing enhancement of the system. Some proposed measures were implemented last year. We are now drawing up proposals to follow up on the longer-term measures which involve amendments to various electoral legislation as recommended in the consultation report.



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