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III. Belt and Road Initiative

42. The Government continues to fully support the Belt and Road Initiative. Leveraging “one country, two systems” and other advantages, we strive to give full play to Hong Kong’s role as a “super-connector” and act in concert with the strategy of our country and Mainland enterprises to go global, thereby creating opportunities for our young people and boosting our social and economic development in the coming decades.

43. Last year, I appointed the Commissioner for Belt and Road to take charge of the Belt and Road Office, to provide recommendations and advice on formulating and implementing strategies relating to the Belt and Road Initiative, and to liaise with government bureaux and departments as well as various sectors of the community to further tap new opportunities for Hong Kong under the Initiative. The Government has reviewed the work and set up of the Belt and Road Office, and considers it necessary to beef up the office’s establishment and resources including the creation of directorate posts and other permanent posts to ensure it can take forward the work under the Initiative more effectively and on a long-term basis.



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