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Policy Address

Promoting the Development of Applied Scientific Research

57. The Government will request universities to conduct more impactful and translational research projects that meet Hong Kong’s needs, so as to tie in with the work promoting the development of industries and re-industrialisation. In this regard, the Government will request the University Grants Committee (UGC) to complete the review on the allocation of research grants within one year, and expand the assessment criteria to include research impact and effectiveness of knowledge and technology transfer.

58. The Government will also request, through the UGC, all universities to refine their knowledge and technology transfer plans within six months and strengthen the role of their knowledge transfer offices in co-ordinating and commercialising research outputs. Universities should implement their refinement programmes as soon as possible. The UGC and the ITB will keep the universities’ implementation under review as one of the criteria for fund allocation.

59. The $2 billion Midstream Research Programme is now open for applications. The programme encourages universities to conduct more applied research to facilitate downstream research or product development.



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