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Smart City

69. The Government is committed to developing Hong Kong into a smart city by using innovation and technology to enhance city management and improve people’s livelihood. Our consultant will complete its study by the middle of this year. So far, preliminary studies have been carried out on some important areas such as the environment, healthcare and transport.

70. The Government is striving to promote the establishment of a Common Spatial Data Infrastructure (CSDI) to provide government departments as well as public and private organisations with an information infrastructure to share spatial data, supporting various smart city applications, and support the smart city blueprint of the ITB. The Development Bureau is commissioning a strategic study on the development of CSDI.

71. The Government is using Kowloon East as a smart city pilot area, leveraging people-centric information and communications technology solutions for the sharing of data to improve the use of resources and enhance the management of pedestrian and vehicular traffic flows.



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