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V. Housing and Land Use


Housing Demand

76. Expediting and increasing supply is the ultimate solution to various housing-related issues. On private housing, the projected supply of first-hand residential properties for the coming three to four years was 94 000 units at end-December last year. This is 45% higher than the figure at the beginning of the current-term Government, and a record high since the regular release of supply statistics 12 years ago.

77. For the five-year period from 2016-17, estimated public housing production by the Hong Kong Housing Authority and the Hong Kong Housing Society will be about 94 500 units, including about 71 800 public rental housing (PRH) units and about 22 600 subsidised sale flats.

78. According to the latest projection, the housing supply target for the next decade from 2017-18 is 460 000 units, including 200 000 PRH units and 80 000 subsidised sale flats. However, land supply for public housing still lags and the waiting time for PRH units has increased notably. If the Government and the community do not resolve to expedite the identification of land for housing production, the housing problem will remain a tough nut to crack.



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