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Reviewing Land Use and Increasing Development Intensity

83. Reviewing the existing land use and appropriately increasing development intensity are effective for the short to medium terms.

84. Since taking office, I have announced in my Policy Addresses a number of measures to increase land supply, involving about 190 potential housing sites. By mid-January this year, nearly half of these (i.e. 93 sites) had been rezoned or made available for housing development. Another 21 are being rezoned. Furthermore, through our on-going land use reviews, together with some newly identified potential housing sites, it is estimated that some 25 additional housing sites, capable of producing over 60 000 units (of which over 80% are public housing units), can be made available for housing development, most of which in the five years from 2019-20 to 2023-24, provided that the relevant statutory plans can be amended and the procedures completed in time.

85. Regarding development intensity, from mid-2012 to the end of last year, the Town Planning Board approved applications to relax the development intensity of 44 housing sites, which will lead to an additional supply of about 8 640 units.



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