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II. Economy

9. Experience around the world clearly shows that economic growth and a low unemployment rate cannot be taken for granted. Last year, Hong Kong’s economy saw moderate growth and the unemployment rate remained at a very low level. In the coming year, in view of the uncertain global economic outlook, the whole community must work to sustain economic development. In tandem with reinforcing the competitive edges of our traditional industries, we should foster diversification of our industries, promote re-industrialisation and press ahead with our innovation and technology development to increase output value.

The National 13th Five-Year Plan

10. The Dedicated Chapter on Hong Kong and Macao in the National 13th Five-Year Plan acknowledges the functions and positioning of Hong Kong in our country’s development by pledging support for Hong Kong to consolidate and enhance our status as an international financial, transportation and trade centre. The chapter expresses clear support for our professional services to move towards high-end and high value-added developments, and for the development of our innovation and technology as well as legal and dispute resolution services, etc. The chapter emphasises deepening co-operation between the Mainland and Hong Kong and supports Hong Kong’s participation in the country’s two-way opening up and the Belt and Road Initiative, so as to explore new markets.

11. Other chapters of the National 13th Five-Year Plan also bring new opportunities for Hong Kong in areas such as innovation and technology, environmental and green industries, and urbanisation.



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