Policy Address

Embracing Public Health

36. Hong Kong’s public healthcare system is under enormous pressure due to an ageing population and the increasing prevalence of chronic and complex diseases. Meanwhile, members of the public are mostly relying on treatment-oriented healthcare services.

37. In a bid to shift the emphasis of the present healthcare system and people’s mindset from treatment-oriented to prevention-focused, I proposed in my last Policy Address to set up District Health Centres (DHCs) in all 18 districts to provide primary healthcare services through medical-social collaboration and public-private partnership. The aim is to enhance the public’s capability in self-management of health and provide support for the chronically ill. The first DHC in Kwai Tsing District has commenced operation at the end of last month. We will expedite the setting up of DHCs in all 18 districts. It is expected that within the term of the current government, DHCs in six more districts and interim “DHC Express” in the remaining 11 districts will be established to provide health promotion, consultation and chronic disease care services.