Policy Address

7. Being an open and free city, Hong Kong has always upheld the principles of inclusiveness, integration and mutual respect, and has been resolving disputes by peaceful and rational means. Owing to our adherence to these values, Hong Kong has won recognition and respect in the international community. While we respect different opinions and understand people’s enthusiasm in fighting for justice and rights, I believe our society will agree that continued violence and spread of hatred would erode the core values of Hong Kong, disrupt social peace and undermine the excellent systems that took years of efforts to build. I therefore appeal to every Hong Kong citizen to cherish the city in which we all have a share and to safeguard the core values we uphold so that Hong Kong can return to calmness.

8. Although we have not had enough time to prepare for this year’s Policy Address, we still manage to put forward over 220 new initiatives, albeit some are in the form of policy directions or possible options. We stand ready to listen to people’s views and to enrich or adjust the contents and details of our policies.

9. Moreover, in view of the social situation this year, we adopt the approach of launching initiatives once they are ready, be it providing support to alleviate the impact of economic downturn or improving people’s livelihood further. The Financial Secretary has announced in August and September a series of measures to support enterprises, safeguard jobs and relieve people’s financial burden. The relevant Directors of Bureaux have also announced in advance of the Policy Address various new measures, including enhancing child care services, supporting sports development, enhancing financial support to help owners maintain their old buildings, strengthening response measures against influenza and providing subsidies for the installation of electric vehicle charging facilities in private buildings. As such, I will only focus on four aspects of work, namely housing, land supply, improving people’s livelihood and economic development.