Serving the Community  Sharing Common Goals

  The following summarises the key points of the Policy Address delivered today
(11 October) by the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, The Honourable TUNG Chee Hwa.
  The People - Our Most Precious Asset  
Our Social Policy - A Statement
Committed to free enterprise and small government.
Enhance the well-being of the community and build a harmonious society.

The Government is responsible for four important aspects of social development:

  • To create an environment where everyone can participate and compete fairly.
  • To provide a basic safety net for the elderly, the infirm and the disabled.
  • To assist the disadvantaged and the unemployed with an emphasis on enhancing their will to be self-reliant.
  • To encourage voluntary work.
Holistic Education for the New Century
Education is our most important long-term investment.
Education Commission proposals accepted by Government.
$2 billion more on education per year when reforms are implemented.
Relax the requirements of the Kindergarten Fee Remission Scheme to benefit more families.
Improve teacher quality and the teacher-pupil ratio.
6,000 more subsidised Secondary 4 or vocational training places.
$500 million this school year to free teachers from non-teaching duties.
$10 million to design enrichment courses for gifted students.
Promote integrated education in schools for children with special education needs.
Speed up the $10 billion School Improvement Programme.
$50 million in the coming year to support parent education.
Consider further promoting flexitime to allow parents more time for school affairs.
Within 5 years, improve training for principals and teachers, establish General Teaching Council, and initiate continuing professional development for teachers.
Review performance assessment and promotion systems to reward outstanding teachers.
Encourage schools to exploit community support and school-parent partnerships.
Build a flexible higher education system with multiple channels and modes of learning.
Within 10 years, 60% of senior secondary school leavers to receive tertiary education.
Extend the Non-means Tested Loan Scheme, low-interest loan scheme and offer fee remission to the most needy students.
Develop a life-long learning ladder, and study the implications of establishing a qualifications framework and programme.