The Policy Address 2000

The Chief Executive and the Executive Council

107. The Chief Executive is the head of both the SAR and the SAR Government. He is accountable to the Central People's Government and the Hong Kong SAR. As Chief Executive, I am responsible for leading the SAR Government, implementing the Basic Law, signing Bills passed by the Legislative Council, promulgating laws, deciding on government policies and issuing executive orders, as well as nominating and reporting to the Central People's Government for the appointment or removal of principal officials.

108. The Executive Council assists me in policy-making. It comprises Members drawn from among principal officials, the Legislative Council and public figures. Members of the Executive Council come from various sectors of the community and give me advice under the principles of collective responsibility and confidentiality. Over the past three years, the Executive Council has given me very valuable advice on the major policies and issues which we have addressed. In the light of changing circumstances and according to the demands of the Government's work, I will review the composition of the Executive Council at the appropriate time.

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