The Policy Address 2000

C. Encouraging Broader Participation

120. The success of "Hong Kong people running Hong Kong" hinges on the active participation of all sectors of our community. For example, the Hong Kong, Our Home activities, launched by the Government in collaboration with a number of community groups, have made a positive impact on our community. We want to open up more channels for greater participation by our citizens in public affairs. This will enable the Government to hear and consider the public's views in formulating appropriate and acceptable policy measures. This is an important basis for our governance. Notwithstanding our adherence to the principle of an executive-led government, the views of the public will be taken fully into account.

121. Various statutory and non-statutory advisory boards and committees have always played an important role in public affairs. At present, about 370 boards and committees, with a total of some 5 300 members, either provide the Government with advice on different policy areas or assist in handling specific issues. Over the years, members of these boards and committees have made significant contributions to society. I am keen to explore ways to enable these community leaders to give full play to their abilities, and for the community to benefit from their wisdom. In future, we will enlist an even wider range of talent. This will ensure that in formulating our policies, we can better reflect the ideas and proposals of both the public and experts.

122. The new era we face is bringing very rapid changes. The SAR Government has to exercise strong leadership, so that we can harness the collective support of the community and master the challenges of change together. My colleagues and I are determined to apply greater efforts to build a dedicated and capable team which shares the same vision and will work together closely to serve the community. We will continue to communicate our policy thinking to members of the public and to listen carefully to their views. We will incorporate these views into our research and studies so as to formulate policies in the best interests of the community, and to promote effective governance. My principal officials and I will do our very best, act with prudence, and reciprocate the community's support.

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