The Policy Address 2000

Madam President,

I. Foreword - The Themes

1. The second term of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Legislative Council has begun. I would like to congratulate all Members, bothnewly-elected and re-elected. My Administration and I are looking forward toworking more closely with the Legislative Council to better serve the community and I will come back to that a little later.

2. In preparing my fourth policy address, I have, as in previous years, met with people from all walks of life and visited many local communities to listen to different views. I have taken those views into consideration. In this policy address I will review the Government's work and talk about the economic outlook, although I plan to focus on three major issues of public concern - education, poverty and governance. For other policy areas, I have asked the Bureau Secretaries to present their own detailed reports to this Council and the public over the next few days.

II. Reforms and Initiatives

A. New Public Awareness

3. Looking back on the developments in Hong Kong in the past three years, we can see there have been profound changes in our public awareness in two areas.

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