The Policy Address 2000

Municipal Services - Reorganised for Efficiency

22. With the approval of the last Legislative Council, we have reformed the municipal framework in order to provide more efficient services to the public. The Food and Environmental Hygiene Department has been set up to co-ordinate and control food safety, thus eliminating problems caused by dispersed functions in the old framework. To upgrade the standard of food safety in Hong Kong, the Department has adopted a new management model. The removal of geographical constraints has enabled more efficient deployment of resources and enhanced quality of services. For instance, the supervision of frontline work has been stepped up, the lead time for the issue of restaurant licences reduced and the clean-up of litter blackspots expedited. The new Leisure and Cultural Services Department has set up customer liaison groups at its major venues. A new service culture has gradually developed to better meet the needs of our citizens in such areas as opening hours and booking services.

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