The Policy Address 2000

Next - Health Care Reform

26. In the coming years, we will continue to consolidate the reforms we have already put in place and focus our attention on education and the changes we need to make to health care.

27. On the medical front, our current health care system is becoming unsustainable as a result of rapid advances in medical science, an ageing population and the ever-changing needs and aspirations of our community. Our future task, therefore, is to study how best to ensure the long-term availability of funding and the efficient allocation of resources. Since the release of the report of the Harvard consultants last year, we have listened carefully to opinions from all sectors of the community. A report setting out our future policy directions will be published later for further public consultation. A series of proposals will be put forward, some of which are likely to be implemented shortly while others will be carried out in phases over the next ten years. The Government will proceed after careful deliberation and full consultation on the issue.

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