The Policy Address 2000

Developing the Pearl River Delta Region

40. China's accession to the WTO will also give a huge impetus to the joint development of the regional economy by Hong Kong and Guangdong. To promote economic co-operation among Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Macau, Shenzhen and Zhuhai, we need to strengthen our infrastructure to facilitate economic flows. Looking ahead, we need to work together with the Mainland over the long-term development of our cross-boundary facilities.

41. By enhancing our infrastructural interface in transport facilities, Hong Kong will gain the edge in the development of regional logistics services. In last year's Policy Address, I announced the implementation of a liberal policy for air cargo services. In the past year, the air cargo volume of our airport increased by more than 20%, again ranking first in the world in terms of air cargo throughput. To further enhance Hong Kong's role as a passenger service hub, we will continue to expand our air services network and consider long-term plans to enhance our transport links with the Pearl River Delta to serve the entire region.

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