The Policy Address 2000

A Shared Responsibility

71. Education reform is a mammoth and arduous long-term task, which requires the creation of the necessary complementary conditions. Before we can see results, we need a step-by-step process of implementation, review, improvement and consolidation. In the coming two years, we will focus on upgrading the standards of our teachers, reforming curricula and teaching methods, improving systems of assessment and examination, as well as increasing learning opportunities at and above senior secondary level.

72. As education is our most important long-term investment, we are determined to continue to provide the necessary resources. Full implementation of all the plans I have outlined will increase our annual recurrent expenditure on education by about $2 billion. In view of the heavy expenditure involved, we will make consistent efforts to provide better quality education in a cost-effective way. More and more individuals as well as organisations are increasingly enthusiastic in supporting education enterprises. They are fully aware of the significance and importance of a joint commitment to this major task. We encourage schools and other educational institutions to make good use of their support. We also call on schools and parents to form co-operative partnerships, providing parents with channels to contribute their resources and efforts. I earnestly hope that everyone, especially educators and parents, will keep an open mind and actively support and participate in our education reforms.

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