Policy Objectives

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Department of Justice
1. Upholding the Rule of Law (202 KB)
Administration Wing of the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
2.  Administrative Redress and Legal Aid (183 KB)
Efficiency Unit, Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
3. Continuous Improvement in Public Services (196 KB)
Civil Service Bureau 
4. Management of the Civil Service (198 KB)
Commerce and Industry Bureau 
5. Competitive and Knowledge-based Industries (192 KB)
6. International Trade and Business Centre (235 KB)
Constitutional Affairs Bureau
7. Confidence in the Constitutional Arrangements (189 KB)
Economic Services Bureau
8. Air and Sea Transport (188 KB)
9. Energy, Postal Services, Meteorological Services and Competition (196 KB)
10. Tourism (187 KB)
Education and Manpower Bureau
11. Quality Education (266 KB)
12. Investing in Our Human Capital (253 KB)
Environment and Food Bureau
13. Clean Environment, Safe Food (286 KB)
Finance Bureau
14. Prudent Management of Public Finances (215 KB)
Financial Services Bureau
15. International Financial Centre (227 KB)
Health and Welfare Bureau
16. Care for Elders (227 KB)
17. Health Services (214 KB)
18. Promote the Well-being and Interests of Women (156 KB)
19. Welfare Services (199 KB)
Home Affairs Bureau
20. Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation (204 KB)
21. Building Management (171 KB)
22. Community and Youth Development (189 KB)
23. The Rights of the Individual (179 KB)
Housing Bureau
24. Better Housing for All (198 KB)
Independent Commission Against Corruption
25. Fighting Corruption (193 KB)
Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau 
26. Broadcasting and Film Services (200 KB)
27. Information Technology (197 KB)
28. Telecommunications (174 KB)
Planning and Lands Bureau
29. Developing Hong Kong (207 KB)
Security Bureau
30. A Secure and Safe City (248 KB)
Transport Bureau 
31. Safe, Efficient and Reliable Transport System (244 KB) 
Works Bureau
32. Public Works Programme (206 KB)
33. Slope Safety for All (201 KB)
34. Water Supply (182 KB)


        This Policy Objective booklet is part of the 2000 Policy Address documents and describes one of the Government's 34 policy areas.  

        The Policy Objective booklets present a comprehensive picture of what Government is seeking to achieve in respect of different policy areas, the progress achieved last year, and the plans to deliver results in the next 12 months.  

        The following key elements are covered in detail in respect of the various policy areas -  
  • Policy Objective 
  • sets out the overall results to be achieved by the relevant policies and the progress made so far. 
  • Key Result Areas
  • - describe the key components to deliver the overall policy objective and the progress made to date.
  • Indicators
  • - specify how Government assesses performance in achieving results in the Key Result Areas. 
  • Initiatives 
  • - explain the specific measures to deliver results in the Key Result Areas. 
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