Press Releases
Progress Report on Policy Objectives (2001) released(30.12.2002)  
Creation of 30,000 jobs in the public sector (16.1.2002)  
LOGSCOUNCIL meets for the first time (17.12.2001)  
28th meeting of the Task Force on Employment (29.11.2001)  
Newly created jobs to help improve environment (28.11.2001)  
Passage of the Inland Revenue (Amendment) Bill to increase the Home Loan Interest Deduction Ceiling(21.11.2001)  
Details of infrastructural projects in the next 12 months (14.11.2001)  
Steering Committee on Logistics Development (LOGSCOM) Meets for the First Time (2.11.2001)  
Opening remarks by the Acting Secretary for Works, on 2001 Policy Address in respect of policy areas under the Works Bureau, at the meeting of the LegCo Panel on Planning, Lands and Works (2.11.2001)  
Survey Reveals Strong Public Support for Policy Address Initiatives (31.10.2001)  
Policy Objective by the Secretary for Constitutional Affairs, at the Legislative Council Constitutional Affairs Panel Meeting (30.10.2001)  
Secretary for Transport spoke on transport policy objective(26.10.2001)  
Inland Revenue Amendment Bill to be introduced into the Legislative Council (24.10.2001)  
The Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang's transcript after attending the Legislative Council meeting (24.10.2001)  
Speech by the Chief Secretary for Administration, Mr Donald Tsang, on the 'Motion of Thanks to the Chief Executive' in the Legislative Council (24.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Justice in the Policy Address Debate in the Legislative Council (19.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Health and Welfare in the motion debate on the 2001 Policy Address in the Legislative Council (19.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Economic Services in the Legislative Council (18.10.2001)  
Chief Secretary's speech at "Letter to Hong Kong" (14.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Economic Services (13.10.2001)  
All time high in Government's investment in infrastructure (13.10.2001)  
Massive transport infrastructure investments create 40,000 job opportunities (13.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Education and Manpower at press conference (12.10.2001)  
Transcript of a question and answer session given by the Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa, at the Joint Chambers' luncheon (12.10.2001)  
Speech by the Chief Executive, Mr Tung Chee Hwa at the Joint Chambers' luncheon (12.10.2001)  
Speech by the Secretary for Commerce and Industry (12.10.2001)  
Transcript of the Financial Secretary, at a media stand-up session after meeting with political parties at LegCo Building (11.10.2001)  
Transcript of the Chief Executive at a programme of RTHK Radio 3 on the Policy Address (11.10.2001)  
Chief Secretary for Administration's transcript (10.10.2001)  
Home loan interest deduction raised to maximum $150,000 (10.10.2001)  
Transcript of Chief Executive's Press Conference (10.10.2001)  
Head of Universities Committee welcomes 4-year undergraduate studies (10.10.2001)  
FS' transcript on Policy Address (10.10.2001)  
University Grants Committee welcomes the 2001 Policy Address (10.10.2001)  
SME Committee welcomes CE's decision to inject $1.9 billion for four SME funding schemes (10.10.2001)  
Full text of the Chief Executive's broadcast on Policy Address (10.10.2001)  
Chairman of the Education Commission Welcomes the Policy Address (10.10.2001)  
Chief Executive unveils relief initiatives (10.10.2001)  
Rates concession in 2002 (10.10.2001)  
Chairman of the Board of Education's statement on Policy Address (10.10.2001)  

Hong Kong to invest heavily in transport infrastructure (10.10.2001)


2001 Policy Address by Chief Executive (10.10.2001)

Chief Executive to explain Policy Address (9.10.2001)  
Policy Address events to be webcast live (9.10.2001)  
Policy Address publications will be available to public (8.10.2001)  
Chief Executive to deliver 2001 Policy Address this week (8.10.2001)  
Chief Executive to present his Policy Address to Legislative Council (8.10.2001)  
Chief Executive meets Education Commission members (21.9.2001)  
Chief Executive meets various professional sectors (17.9.2001)  



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