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Enhancing the Principal Officials Accountability System

58. The Principal Officials Accountability System was introduced as an important institutional reform to the Government's executive machinery and to our political system as a whole. After 18 months of operation, we believe it is meeting the requirements of Hong Kong's political development. We are keenly aware that time is needed for any major political reform to develop, evolve and mature. What we need to do is to try to flesh out the system on the basis of experience gained. We will focus on the political work of Principal Officials, strengthen their linkage with the community, consult relevant sectors and organisations, assess public opinion and support policy formulation.

59. Our goal is to build a government that can provide the necessary political leadership. It needs to stay close to the people, innovate and take responsibility for its actions. It needs to be very cohesive, able to work well with the community, highly transparent and efficient in administration.

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Last revision date : January 7, 2004