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E. Conclusion

79. Madam President, Hong Kong has just experienced an extraordinary year. We faced the SARS attack and bore the pains brought on by various measures introduced to eliminate the fiscal deficit. The July 1 rally clearly conveyed people's dissatisfaction with, and expectations of, the Government.

80. At the same time, the SARS outbreak reinforced social cohesion in Hong Kong as people came out to support one another. Medical and health-care personnel fully demonstrated their commitment to high professional standards and ethics. We became more united, better able to deal with adversity, and more confident in our ability to rebuild our home. Our team of civil servants worked under immense pressure but remained dedicated to their work, continuing to implement Government policies and provide quality public services. Over the past year, our community generally came to reach broad agreement over our future economic development. This strategy has prompted our economic recovery and laid a good foundation for economic restructuring and revival.

81. We are glad to have witnessed significant developments in our relationship with the Mainland over the past year. The CPG's concerns and strong support have provided relief for our various problems and given new impetus to our economic restructuring and recovery process.

82. Madam President, the Government is determined to work together with the community in the days ahead to promote Hong Kong's political, economic and social development and overcome any obstacles in the process. We share a common goal of developing into Asia's world city, a city that will be the envy of the world. We will be an important link connecting the Mainland and the rest of the world, as well as an irreplaceable hub of quality services dedicated to the promotion of the Mainland's economic modernisation. We will be an enlightened and people-based government, a cohesive and vibrant society emphasising care and justice, a creative, knowledge-based economy, a community of citizens respecting others and committed to their social obligations, and a general population proud of our Chinese heritage and willing to assume our national responsibilities.

83. Provided we persevere in our endeavours, we firmly believe that we and our next generation will create a more vibrant and prosperous Hong Kong. We will make a success of 'One Country, Two Systems' and accomplish the mission that history has entrusted to us in the course of the revival of our great nation.

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