Progress Report


             The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government is an open and accountable Government. It will set out its objectives and programmes, and report on their progress annually thereafter. The publication of the Progress Report enables the public to judge our performance according to the published targets.

2.          In the past year, we have worked on a total of 830 pledges. The following paragraphs summarise the progress we have made.

On Target

3.          The Government is well on target in meeting 783 of these commitments, or 94% of the total.

Behind Schedule

4.          There are also 47 undertakings, or 6% of the total, where we are behind schedule. Our Report identifies clearly those undertakings which are behind schedule and explains the reasons for the shortfalls or delays. We will take all possible measures to catch up with the original targets.

5.          We will continue to report to the community in detail on progress made on the outstanding commitments. This will enable the community to keep on assessing our performance against the promises we have made.



Department of Justice

Administration Wing of the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office

Broadcasting, Culture and Sport Bureau

Civil Service Bureau

Constitutional Affairs Bureau

Economic Services Bureau

Education and Manpower Bureau
I.  Education
II. Employment

Finance Bureau

Financial Services Bureau

Health and Welfare Bureau
I.  Health
II. Welfare

Home Affairs Bureau

Housing Bureau

Independent Commission Against Corruption

Judiciary Administration

Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
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II. Protecting the Environment

Security Bureau

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