1999 Policy Objectives

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Department of Justice
1. Upholding the Rule of Law (115 KB)
Administrative Wing of the Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
2. Administrative Redress and Legal Aid (94 KB)
Efficiency Unit, Chief Secretary for Administration's Office
3. Continuous Improvement in Public Services (103 KB)
Business and Services Promotion Unit, Financial Secretary's Office
4. Business Friendly Environment (89 KB)
5. Pre-eminent Services Centre (89 KB)
Civil Service Bureau
6. Management of the Civil Service (106 KB)
Constitutional Affairs Bureau
7. Confidence in the Constitutional Arrangements (103 KB)
Economic Services Bureau
8. Air and Sea Transport Infrastructure, Postal and Weather Information Services (127 KB)
9. Energy (77 KB)
10. Provision of Fresh Food Produce (92 KB)
11. A Key Tourist Destination (94 KB)
Education and Manpower Bureau
12. Quality Education (157 KB)
13. Investing in Our Human Capital (146 KB)
Finance Bureau
14. Prudent Management of Public Finances (133 KB)
Financial Services Bureau
15. International Financial Centre (133 KB)
Health and Welfare Bureau
16. Care for the Elderly (125 KB)
17. Curative Services (90 KB)
18. Public Health Programmes (90 KB)
19. Welfare Services (110 KB)
Home Affairs Bureau
20. Arts, Culture, Sport and Recreation (109 KB)
21. Building Management (91 KB)
22. Community and Youth Development (96 KB)
23. The Rights of the Individual (94 KB)
Housing Bureau
24. Better Housing for All (110 KB)
Independent Commission Against Corruption
25. Fighting Corruption (103 KB)
Information Technology and Broadcasting Bureau
26. Broadcasting and Film Services (107 KB)
27. Information Technology (98 KB)
28. Telecommunications (91 KB)
Planning, Environment and Lands Bureau
29. Developing Hong Kong (113 KB)
30. Improve Our Urban, Rural and Marine Environment (158 KB)
Security Bureau
31. A Secure and Safe City (143 KB)
Trade and Industry Bureau
32. High Value-added and Competitive Industries (97 KB)
33. International Trade Centre (102 KB)
Transport Bureau

Safe, Efficient and Reliable Transport System (145 KB)

Works Bureau
35. Public Works Programme (117 KB)
36. Slope Safety for All (103 KB)
37. Water Supply (96 KB)


Last year the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region introduced a new format for the presentation of its policies and programmes to focus attention on the results the Government aims to deliver for the community.

This year's Policy Objective booklets are a result of the further evolution of the process. The major change is the integration of the previously separate Progress Report into the Policy Objective booklets. The Policy Objective booklets now present a comprehensive picture of what Government is seeking to achieve in respect of different policy areas, the progress achieved last year, and the plans to deliver results in the next 12 months.

This compendium is part of the 1999 Policy Address documents and provides a composite presentation of the 37 Policy Objectives booklets. Each Policy Objective contains the following key components -

  • Policy Objective
- sets out the overall results to be achieved by the relevant policies and programmes, and the progress made so far.
  • Key Result Areas
- describe the key elements to deliver the overall policy objective and the progress made to date.
  • Indicators
- specify how Government assesses performance in achieving results in the Key Result Areas.
  • Initiatives
- explain the specific measures taken or will be taken to deliver results in the Key Result Areas and the targets achieved or to be achieved.

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