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TV Announcements

Super: 2017 Policy Address
VO/Subtitle: The Chief Executive has delivered
his 2017 Policy Address
Super: Make best use of
VO/Subtitle: We must make the best use of opportunities
Super: Belt and Road Initiative

Develop the economy
VO/Subtitle: Strive to develop the economy
Super: Build more
convention and exhibition

Conduct studies on
financial & tax incentives
to promote I&T industries

TDC to promote
financial industries

Improve people’s livelihood
VO/Subtitle: improve people's livelihood
Super: First-hand residential units
increased over 40% in 3-4 years

Flat intake starts in 6 years
at New Development Areas

Conduct studies on 260-hectare
reclamation outside Victoria Harbour

26 sports & recreation projects
in 5 years

Build an inclusive society
VO/Subtitle: and together we build an inclusive society
Super: HKSAR emblem
2017 Policy Address


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