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Policy Address

Information Technology Industry

26.       Hong Kong’s success lies in the convergence of talent, capital, logistical support and information. In turn, this has created a thriving and vibrant city, full of energetic people. The Government will set a good example by promoting the application of information technology. In terms of e-Government, we will provide more user-friendly integrated public services through a one-stop portal.

27.       Hong Kong is a forerunner in promoting media convergence with a single platform supporting telephony, broadcasting and Internet access services (triple-play). Media convergence technology and business models are rapidly developing. To tie in with the transformation of traditional telecommunications services into integrated information services, we consulted the public early this year on the reform of the regulatory regime and proposed merging the functions of the Office of the Telecommunications Authority and the Broadcasting Authority to form a new Communications Authority. We aim to adopt a regulatory framework to promote innovation and competition to a level on par with advanced international standards. Consumers stand to gain in these developments. We are prepared to introduce legislation in the 2006-07 legislative year to effect the establishment of the new Communications Authority. The application of new wireless communication technologies has also spread rapidly and widely. We will carry out public consultation by the end of 2006 on the policy of radio spectrum management. We aim to ensure, through market forces, more flexible and effective utilisation of the radio spectrum as a public resource, facilitating technological advance and the evolution of new business models.