2006-07 Policy Address
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Policy Address

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A. Introduction 1-3
B.  Work Review 4-13
C. Direction of Economic Development 14-34
  Financial Centre 17-19
  Trade and Logistics 20-24
  Independent Innovation 25
  Information Technology Industry 26-27
  Application of Technology 28-29
  Cultural and Creative Industries 30
  City of Culture and Arts 31-32
  Flow of Talents 33
  Protecting Labour Rights 34
D.  Cherishing the Family 35-50
  Supporting the Family 36-42
  Subsidising Early Childhood Education 43-45
  Gifted Education 46-48
  Community and Neighbourhood 49-50
E. Quality Environment 51-66
  Strategic Objectives 52-57
  Guiding Principles 58-60
  Public Participation 61-65
  Summing Up 66
F.  Conclusion 67-76
  Chief Executive's remarks after the last paragraph of his Policy Address at the Legislative Council