A New Direction for Hong Kong

A New Direction for Hong Kong

10 Major Infrastructure Projects for Economic Growth

“Infrastructure development can bring about huge economic benefits... the value added would be  more than $100 billion annually. In addition, some 250 000 additional jobs would be created.”

  • South Island Line: Construction to start in 2011
  • The Sha Tin to Central Link: Will connect the Northeast New Territories and Hong Kong Island via East Kowloon. Construction to start in 2010
  • The Tuen Mun Western Bypass and Tuen Mun-Chek Lap Kok Link: Upon completion in 2016, will link Deep Bay in Shenzhen, the Northwest New Territories and Hong Kong International Airport
  • The Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link: Construction of high-speed rail link between West Kowloon and Guangzhou will start in 2009
  • Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge: Aim to complete financial arrangements in the near future
  • Hong Kong-Shenzhen Airport Co-operation: Will study the feasibility of a rail connection between Hong Kong International Airport and Shenzhen Airport
  • Hong Kong-Shenzhen Joint Development of the Lok Ma Chau Loop: Will work with the Shenzhen authorities to develop the Lok Ma Chau Loop
  • West Kowloon Cultural District:  Aim to enact legislation in mid-2008 so West Kowloon Cultural District Authority can be established as soon as possible
  • Kai Tak Development Plan: First cruise terminal berth expected to be operational in 2012
  • New Development Areas (NDAs): Will plan for NDAs to provide quality living space in the northern New Territories

International Financial Hub

  • Help Mainland enterprises and investors participate in Hong Kong’s stock market through the Qualified Domestic Institutional Investors Scheme and the pilot scheme for individual investors
  • Study the early introduction of Islamic debt offerings in Hong Kong
  • Promote the development of international arbitration services, and forge closer ties with international arbitral bodies

Economic and Trade Development

  • Assist Hong Kong enterprises in the Pearl River Delta to restructure, upgrade and relocate
  • Implement the Action Agenda of the National 11th Five-Year Plan to enhance Hong Kong’s competitiveness and support national development
  • Consult the public on a competition law and introduce a bill in the 2008-09 legislative session
  • Strengthen the management of Government owned assets operated on commercial principles to achieve higher returns and better governance

Quality City and Quality Life

“By ‘Progressive Development’ I mean overall progress rather than economic development alone.  Apart from economic benefits, we should strive for benefits to culture, the society and the environment... sustainable, balanced and diversified development.”

Environmental Protection

  • Consult the public on proposed mandatory implementation of Building Energy Codes; set an example by conducting a Carbon Audit; implement an emissions reduction campaign to combat global warming
  • Negotiate with the two power companies on a new regulatory regime to improve air quality
  • Legislate to replace industrial diesel with ultra low sulphur diesel in all industrial and commercial processes
  • Consult the public on legislation requiring motorists to switch off idling engines
  • Implement territory-wide Greening Master Plans
  • Lower development density to create a better living environment
  • Inject $1 billion into the Environment and Conservation Fund

Heritage Conservation

  • Require all public works projects involving historic and built heritage to undergo heritage impact assessment
  • Allow non-government organisations to apply for adaptive re-use of historic buildings
  • Accept a Hong Kong Jockey Club proposal to revitalise the Central Police Station Compound; preserve and beautify the open-air bazaar in Wan Chai; invite proposals to revitalise the original site of the Central School in Aberdeen Street and remove the site from the sale list
  • Explore economic incentives to encourage heritage protection by private owners
  • Set up a Commissioner for Heritage Office to provide a focal point for heritage conservation work

Culture and Creativity

  • Promote Cantonese Opera by converting the Yau Ma Tei Theatre into a Cantonese Opera centre
  • Formulate strategic plans for complementary facilities and manpower training for creative industries

Safe Living

  • Introduce a Food Safety Bill and enact food labelling legislation to protect consumers

Investing for a Caring Society

“The extent to which different sectors of the community share the fruits of prosperity varies.  Some low-income families are under pressure... I will try my best to alleviate their problems.”

Return Wealth to the People

  • Reduce the standard rate of salaries tax to 15% and lower profits tax by one percentage point to 16.5% in 2008-09
  • Waive rates for the last quarter of 2007-08

Social Enterprises

  • Invite the business community and non-profit organisations to participate in social enterprise projects; convene a summit on social enterprises by year-end

Enhance Employability

  • Expand retraining schemes, and cover people aged 15 or above and those with an education level at sub-degree or below; provide one-stop employment support

Minimum Wage

  • Prepare legislation on a statutory minimum wage for security guards and cleansing workers if implementation of the Wage Protection Movement is unsatisfactory

Care for the Disadvantaged

  • Implement initiatives by the Commission on Poverty, which include relaxing restrictions on disregarded earnings under the Comprehensive Social Security Allowance Scheme, establishing a Child Development Fund, and providing additional residential care places for the elderly

Care for the Elderly

  • Offer all citizens aged 70 or above health care vouchers to purchase private medical care
  • Provide more day care places for the elderly and increase home care services in certain districts
  • Provide $200 million to help elderly people living in poor conditions improve their homes
  • The Hong Kong Housing Society to identify suitable locations for elderly housing on Hong Kong Island

Tackle Juvenile Drug Abuse

  • Set up an inter-departmental task force to combat juvenile drug abuse

Optimising Our Demographic Structure and Attracting Talent

“To address demographic change we need to... expedite the development of human capital and promote healthy ageing.”

12-year Free Education

  • Offer 12-year free education in public schools and for vocational training

Small-class Teaching

  • Implement small-class teaching, where suitable, in Primary One public schools from the 2009-10 school year

Education Hub

  • Make available sites to develop new international schools or expand existing ones
  • Increase the admission quotas for non-local students, and relax their employment restrictions before and after graduation

Attract Talent

  • Modify the Admission of Talents Scheme to attract talent who can contribute to the development of Hong Kong

Health Care Reform

  • Introduce a comprehensive reform of the health care system. This will include enhancing primary health care; promoting family doctor-based services; purchasing health care services from the private sector; and, developing a patient-oriented electronic health record
  • Consult the public on the reforms and financing package by year end

Developing Democracy and Enhancing Governance

“I will try my utmost to forge a consensus on the implementation of universal suffrage in accordance with the Basic Law... I will also strive to secure the Central Authorities’ trust and understanding for its early implementation.”

Develop Democracy

  • Collate and summarise views received during the public consultation on the Green Paper on Constitutional Development. Submit a report to the Central Authorities reflecting community’s views. Try to forge a consensus on universal suffrage within the third-term HKSAR Government

Pursue Excellence in Governance

  • Involve all 18 District Councils in the management of some district facilities. Provide a dedicated block vote of $300 million annually for district minor works
  • Provide District Officers with more resources to support district administration and promptly address issues concerning people’s livelihood

Work Closely with LegCo

  • Work closely with the Legislative Council and seek Members’ views as early as practicable when formulating important policies

Integration with the Mainland

  • Put in place appropriate mechanisms so the HKSAR can take early action to support the preparation of the National 12th Five-Year Plan under the  “One Country, Two Systems” principle

Promote the Basic Law

  • Enhance Basic Law-related training for the civil service, incorporate the Basic Law into the civil service recruitment exam, and step up promotion of the Basic Law in local communities and schools

National Education

  • Work closely with various sectors to promote national education and enhance young people’s awareness and understanding of national development. Encourage schools to stage national flag-raising ceremonies

Promote the Olympic Spirit

  • Highlight the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games as a main theme in promoting national education and sports


“Hong Kong will remain a balanced, pluralistic, stable and advanced city.

We play by the rules of a free market while stressing corporate social responsibility. We embrace modern values while upholding the core values of the traditional Chinese family.

We promote democratic development without compromising social stability or government efficiency.

We pursue economic growth, and care about environmental protection and cultural conservation. We cherish the personal freedom of individuals and pluralism, and we have a shared sense of national identity. 

Ours is a Chinese city, as well as a global city.”