A New Direction for Hong Kong
Policy Address

Realising Our Vision in a Pragmatic Manner

128.     To create this new miracle, the Hong Kong spirit - pragmatic, responsible and determined to get things done - should not and cannot change. Only by retaining such qualities can we realise our vision. This is the same spirit that underpins my style of governance. In this new era of swift changes, I believe what we need is more consensus, less controversy; more practical action, less empty talk; more cohesion, less division.
Scaling New Heights

129.     People may ask: What is the foundation for such consensus, harmony and cohesion? I would say it lies in the determination of the Government, enterprises and individuals to improve themselves. As the head of the Government, I will promote the development of democracy, pursue excellence in governance and progressively implement my policy agenda, with a view to improving the political environment in Hong Kong. As the pillar of our economy, enterprises should enhance corporate governance, develop creativity and shoulder more social responsibilities, so as to help create a better socio-economic environment. As the base of society, individuals should make sustained efforts to pursue personal advancement in this ever-changing world and strengthen the family unit in the face of different challenges, so that Hong Kong will become more competitive and our society more harmonious.

130.     When people from different social strata and age groups, and people of different political views, all strive for progress and advancement, we will embark upon a new journey for a golden decade. Hong Kong will progress into a more brilliant world city.